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Just like the old times!

March 12, 2022 - December Avenue's comeback bar gig at 19 East with performances from sweetheart Carissa Ramos and the lovely Clara Benin.

People started to line up as early as 4pm and the venue was filled up to it's full capacity. Everyone was just so excited to celebrate live music again. Familiar faces, friends and colleagues were part of a mixed crowd hungry for the scene that almost died since the covid-19 pandemic.

Carissa started the show. This was her first ever live solo performance.

Clara Benin joined by Gabba Santiago

Despite the rain, it was a fun and intimate show. The sound of the crowd singing altogether.

A proposal of marriage happened in the middle of Sa Ngalan Ng Pag-ibig, the crowd went wild cheering for the couple.

It seems that the industry we love so much is now back on track! Hoping for more shows in the following days to come.

Photos by

Lawrence Jay de Guzman

Bram Asuncion



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