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NEW SONG: Face Of God - December Avenue

Our new song about rediscovering faith is OUT NOW, and we hope that it speaks to you.

Sometimes, when I feel lost and broken, I question my faith and wonder if there is a divine power that will save me when I need it most.

I am human, and my curiosity makes me vulnerable.

But then I tell myself-

Tumingin ka sa paligid, pagmasdan mo ang langit, langhapin mo ang hangin, sisirin mo ang dagat, amuyin mo ang mga bulaklak, mahalin mo ang mga hayop, bilangin mo ang mga bituin, umawit hanggang mapaos, titigan mo ang mga mata ng mga mahal mo sa buhay.

Sa lahat ng ito, you will find purpose and see that everything is a manifestation of God's face. It's through our struggles we find growth, and find a deeper sense of understanding; It gives us strength towards healing and finding clarity.


Face Of God New Song December Avenue
December Avenue New Song



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