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December Avenue

Zel Bautista - Songwriter, Vocals

Don Gregorio - Bass

Jem Manuel - Guitars

Jet Danao - Drums, Backing Vocals

Gelo Cruz - Keyboard, Backing Vocals

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Jet Dana December Avenue.JPG

The name December Avenue reflects the band's repertoire, which mostly talks about life, love and moving on. "December" being the last month of the year which is an avenue towards the new year/new life.

The major breakthrough was the self-produced major concert held in 2016 at Teatrino, which led to a series of hit releases such as "Kahit 'di Mo Alam" & "Sa Ngalan ng Pagibig" which soon opened the doors to a nationwide recognition.

Following the continuous release of singles, the band continued to break barriers and hit a historical 100M views on youtube with the official music video of "Kung 'di Rin Lang Ikaw feat. Moira", directed by Andre Antonio of 8th Street Cinema. The conclusion of these releases were later on compiled into the sophomore album, "Langit Mong Bughaw".

The recording and release of the self-titled album took years to complete due to financial constraints. As independent artists, the band had to set aside music and keep day jobs to save funds for the production of the album.

Zel Bautista December Avenue.JPG

Formed around 2008 by founding members Bautista, Gregorio, Danao and Manuel, Cruz was added 10yrs later. Collegiate friends turned into bandmates, originally known as "Sense of Sound", the band had move on to a more serious path of their career, changing the band's name to "December Avenue".

Jem Manuel December Avenue.JPG

After many failed attempts to get noticed by record labels, the band remained independent and focused on marketing their music on Social Media. Several demos were released online, however, there were never an official one, until the release of the 2016 self-titled album under Tower of Doom music.

Gelo Cruz December Avenue.JPG

2020 and the pandemic

The band has played over 200 shows in 2019, including their first CANADA and US Tour.


In the 1st quarter of 2020, all live shows were halted due to COVID-19, leaving the local music industry into a stand still. However, the band continued to release singles and performed in different live streams.

In 2021, the band has released 3 new singles, "Isang Himala" being the recent one, and in the process of writing the 3rd album. 

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