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December Avenue x Zack Tabudlo US TOUR 2022

The dates have been released for our second US tour. This time, we are performing in 7 cities and we are joined by one of OPM's newest sensation, Zack Tabudlo.

The tour is promoted by Toggleswitch, the co-promoter of our first US tour back in 2019.

The last time that we were out of the country was for Dubai Expo in November 2021 and our most recent performance in the Philippines was held during the Kannawidan Festival in Ilocos Sur.

This will be our first tour since the start of the pandemic. As the world slowly learns how to cope up with the new normal, we are hoping that these opportunities continue to rise in the coming months.

We are so excited to come back in the US and we definitely miss the warm welcome of our fellow Filipinos abroad.

For tickets and inquires, visit



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