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December Avenue at Kannawidan Festival 2022

On February 03, 2022, we have broken our silence and performed once again in front of a crowd in Ilocos Sur's, Kannawidan Festival 2022. It's been almost 2 years since our last "live" performance in the Philippines and this was also our second time to be invited by the festival.

We performed on the 3rd day of the week long Kannawidan Festival. It was a celebration of LGBTQ+ community, comedians and other acts brought laughter and filled the night with music.

Only 30% of the venue, Quirino Stadium, capacity were allowed to be filled up by concert goers, given that they were also fully vaccinated. The LGU of Ilocos Sur showed that it is now possible to organize events like these and make it safe for everyone by following health protocols.

As we continue to learn living with this covid-19 pandemic, we hope that this event is a sign that our country is slowly opening up to provide opportunities for musicians and performers like us. It's been a long and hard two years living in isolation and we can not wait to celebrate life singing and dancing with all of you again.

© Photos by Bram Asuncion



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